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Friday, January 21, 2011

Shortly after arriving in Alabama the Beautiful, I began to go through my yarn stash. It's become a creature, a sentient being of sorts. I narrowed it down to a 36 gallon bin. Still, I open the lid and I hear laughter, glasses clinking, and muffled announcements. Its a little intimidating.

I have lots of sizeable scraps and partial balls from projects. What to do what to do? I began taking my Sugar and Cream scraps and making dishrags. That got old. I needed to change things up and bring back the fire! So, while going through all my pattern books, and printed web pages of more patterns, I found a I CAN'T Believe I AM Knitting!!! book from ten years ago. BING! Now, to find the knitting needles that were hiding somewhere. Nothing. Awwwww man! (Whenever I start looking for something, my husband will jump in right away. He's a great finder of things to be finded.) I kept hunting, and soon Jon presented me with two silver shineez, just begging to be touched. Yay!!!

I assumed that sticking with S & C would be fine. Knitting a wash rag is a perfect place to start. I opened my booklet and learned (or so I thought) the slingshot cast on. In no time I was casting away. Then I came to the knit stitch. No problem. Except for the yarn. I would put the needle through the cast on stitch and everything would unwind. The yarn would not stay in its nice little twist. I gave up and switched to some wool. Wool and knitting is like peanut butter and ladies. Cocaine and waffles. They just go, man. So off I went. I was quickly brought to my knees when I was confronted with the Purl Stitch. Creation of Satan! I was confounded. Bamboozled. Discombobulated!

This all occurred during the Internet Drought of 2010/11. (It was a dark time.) I could not turn to youtube for guidance. I was screwed. I took to Facebook Mobile and begged for help from my friends. My friend Joni, per usual, had several tips. Family, friends, everyone chimed in. To no avail!. It was pure luck that I turned on the Create channel one afternoon and a knitting show was on. There, I caught a glimpse of proper technique, and away I went.

On the show they had knitted and felted a makeup bag. BING! That sounded easy enough! And that's what I did.

I felted it, so its a little fuzzy, wuzzy, bear. But Momma lubs him like no udder!! Kiss kiss! (Why, yes, that is THE WOOD PANELING in the background. Love it.)

Gotta love some really crappy blanket stitches!

I put in the little zippy zippy and away I go!


McCarty and Company January 22, 2011 at 3:37 PM  

LIZ you amaze me. That is an adorable makeup bag. LOVE IT!!! I would love to learn to knit, but it intimidates me. I have done it a bit in the past, but years ago. You seriously need an etsy store girl.
P.S. When we moved in this house it was full of dark paneling. I asked the landlord if I could paint one room, then have him come look at it to see if he approved of me painting the rest. HE DID. I painted almost every room *except my sewing/computer room* and it has lasted for years. NO PRIMER either. Just painted, some was slick paneling, some more a wood type, it all painted beautifully.

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