Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well, I have redone the blog. It sucked really bad. It still might. Oh well. I am going through piles of stock photos to get the look I want. Then I might be inclined to visit more often.

Several things have happened since I last wrote my now deleted entry. I have THREE boys now. Jacob-16, Gideon -3.75, and Levi-1.75. We are in the middle of a move. A big one. After seven years of Washington rain, we are moving to Alabama. That is where my wonderful husband's wonderful family is from. I am adjusting to the idea of being there quite nicely. I am not adjusting to the ever mounting task at hand: THE MOVE. Uggghhhh. I am not 19, 25 or even 35 any more. I don't know if I can do this physically or not. Somehow it will all come together I just know it.

Things would probably be much further ahead if I did not spend so much time on the internet.

I am hoping to find a church to get involved in back there. I hope we put down some actual roots and make lasting friendships. I hope we have dinners with other couples and date nights. Heck, I just hope we can have a babysitter. Seven years without any of those things has been pretty tough. Very tough. Strip your sanity to the bare roots tough.

I will continue to look at stock photos and jazz up the place a bit.

BTW this not going to be the "I am a perfect parent blog" or "Expert decorator blog". No way. My kids scream. A LOT. My husband is really rough around the edges. He writes phone numbers and takes notes on the childrens precious art work. (Hanging said precious art work only emphasizes its scratch paperiness.) Sigh. I'm tired.


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