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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I should be packing. I should be off the recliner and placing things in boxes. Why am I dragging my heels? Instead I am feeding my cyberchondria. Googling, reading articles, formulating new questions. I eyeball my most recent crochet project from the chair. It patiently waits for me. Like everything else, it patiently waits on move....

These days my life can be divided in to two sections. Before Yaz and After Yaz. I won't go into all the scary details. But,really, I am on a journey that has taught me so many things. Things like:

-People don't believe you. Even loved ones. Sad. Lonely. Truth.

-I am more fragile than I thought.

-I have wasted a LOT of time on meaningless things. (See "Stop and Smell the Roses")

-Good Health is not to be taken for granted or squandered.

-I may never be the same again.

Knowing all this to be true, I sit here still. I need to get up and get going. So here I go! Get going!


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